Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fundraising programme


 It is our Great Pleasure to present to you Our FUND-RAISING Strategy for your consideration.
Many Social Organizations are having problems in ** SEEKING DONORS** these days! Do you agree with my above-mentioned statement? Gone are those days when people are more than willing to respond. We don’t blame them due to current uncertain economic situation that sometimes one has to be selfish in order to survive. Most of the time funds/budgets of Schools could not meet the number of ever increasing needs for basic facilities, furniture, sports equipment, labs equipment, upkeep and maintenance of their schools and had to rely on SAME OLD DONORS for donations!

Like the saying goes: if you keep on milking the same cows (Donors); these once upon a time generous “Fat Donors” may one day became “Lean Donors”. Hence, to solve this delicate and sensitive issue we would like to suggest this solution to you all and this could be the answer ** Having said that, we need to understand the reason for human’s reluctance in giving to Charity. Their ever increasing high cost of living could have caused them FINANCIAL PROBLEMS and hence their reluctance to give to Charity. Therefore we need to solve these stumbling block of would-be MODERATE NEW DONORS..

Of course, moderate Donors can’t give away much as compared to what Rich Donors could but when combined together the amount could be beyond our imagination. So…. HOW CAN WE TAP INTO THIS HUMAN RELUCTANCE when comes to CHARITY – Find a *CATALYST* LET’S PUT UP THIS ADVERTISEMENT OR FORWARD A FUND-RAISING NOTE TO PARENTS & WOULD- BE DONORS which reads…. DEAR PARENTS, DONORS & WELL-WISHERS! OUR SCHOOL NEEDS YOUR SINCERE SUPPORT FOR……………………………*** OUR SPONSOR has ALLOCATED to us 500 pieces of AMAZING BREAKS VACATION VOUCHERS worth RM2000 each. Each Vacation (for 2 persons) contains a 7D5N TWIN HOLIDAY WITH *7* EXOTIC BEACH RESORTS to PAMPER YOUR FAMILY WITH. The *SPECIAL OFFER* for each Voucher is only RM500.00 &

You have One Full year to Plan Your Holiday with your Family. (Your RM500.00 DONATION = ( For SCHOOL; Your Schooling KIDS + FAMILY Holiday) Due To YOUR HELP OUR KIDS including YOURS CAN NOW STUDY COMFORTABLY **Whenever Donations are requested, most people may not be WILLING DONORS since they get NOTHING out of being a Donor. ( There is No INCENTIVE + No MOTIVATION ) This is the general belief but when a RM2000 Value Holiday is OFFERED to them for becoming a Donor, things can be very different because they are going to enjoy this holiday that is WORTH MORE than what they have donated in the first place.

*Should you already have an ongoing Fund-Raising Campaign; it will be a WIN WIN situation to use our Voucher as an ADD-ON Option which are bound to SURPRISE EVERYONE including YOU** Since EVERYONE LOVES Holidays, this new idea could be a STEPPING STONE in the right direction for future Donations & Fund-Raising! CONSIGNMENT > A *SPECIAL* OPPORTUNITY Meant FOR *SCHOOLS ONLY* To show OUR SINCERETY towards your FUND RAISING, we shall provide your Esteemed School with a CONSIGNMENT of the Amazing Breaks Vacation Vouchers (without any CASH DEPOSIT UPFRONT) so that your CASHFLOW will never be threatened. Below is the description of the said Vouchers and Proposal : VOUCHER NAME : AMAZING BREAKS (worth up to RM2000) Voucher *Special Offer* Price : RM500 each Profit for your School : RM250 Per Voucher (That’s 90% of Our Profit) Consignment Cost to be Paid back to Sponsor ………. : RM250 each; (hardly enough to pay your hotel rooms right;

BUT we persevere in the name of CHARITY)** Matrix of FUNDS OBTAINED from the Fund Raising : 1) For 500 pieces of Amazing Breaks Vouchers taken up at Fund Raising Campaign: RM250 X 500 pcs = RM125,000.00 2) For 1000 pieces of Amazing Breaks Vouchers taken up at Fund Raising exercise: RM250 X 1000 pcs = RM250,000.00 At Unique Amazing Holidays Ent., we have assisted many CORPORATES such as CITIBANK & NIKON S’PORE in enhancing their Sales Volume and also succeeded in increasing their WALK-IN TRAFFIC and we confidently believe that we can do the SAME for you in your FUND-RAISING CAMPAIGN.

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